Changing Tides

As we enter 2017, Potomac has some exciting announcements to make about changes within the firm. We’ve added a new team member to our senior leadership team, announced two promotions, and rebranded two of our job titles.

New Job Title: Director

Potomac has renamed our titles to better align with the experience levels and responsibilities found throughout the consulting industry. We are replacing the “Manager” title previously used to describe members of our senior management team with “Director” and are eliminating the “Senior Consultant” role, replacing it with the title “Manager.” The impacted staff are listed below:

  • Directors: Dan Koerner, Michael Young, Adam Oakley, Christina Spicer (see more below)
  • Managers: Carla-Marie Ulerie, Graham Rich (see more below)

For more on the responsibilities of each level, see

Promotions: Graham Rich (Manager) and Chris Hull (Consultant)

Graham Rich, Manager: Graham has demonstrated increased responsibility over the last year, including simultaneously managing concurrent aggregate spend and training projects. In 2016, Graham provided on-site resourcing support for a client that had unexpected turnover in its aggregate spend group, including supervising its internal client staff and refining its operating processes to improve efficiency and documentation. He also was a key player in helping another client file its Open Payments report on time and has helped Potomac build out its data analytics and outsourced transparency solutions.

Chris Hull, Consultant: Chris has worked across various service lines in his tenure at Potomac. His clients view him as a trusted project resource and someone they feel comfortable communicating with directly, including most recently by acting as a live monitor, interfacing directly with sales professionals. Chris has played a key role in building out Potomac’s intellectual property through the creation of an FMV tool, assistance with the creation of Tableau dashboards, updating and drafting Launch Pad policies, supervising the monthly new summaries process, and authoring new training content.