Changing Tides

As we enter 2017, Potomac has some exciting announcements to make about changes within the firm. We’ve added a new team member to our senior leadership team, announced two promotions, and rebranded two of our job titles.

New Job Title: Director

Potomac has renamed our titles to better align with the experience levels and responsibilities found throughout the consulting industry. We are replacing the “Manager” title previously used to describe members of our senior management team with “Director” and are eliminating the “Senior Consultant” role, replacing it with the title “Manager.” The impacted staff are listed below:

  • Directors: Dan Koerner, Michael Young, Adam Oakley
  • Managers: Carla-Marie Ulerie, Graham Rich (see more below)

For more on the responsibilities of each level, see

New Hires: Eric Davis (Analyst) and Evan Allen (Analyst)

Potomac would like to welcome Eric Davis and Evan Allen to the team!

Eric Davis is primarily responsible for researching new developments in compliance as part of our monthly news summaries, creating training modules within our RAPIDs training suite, developing policies and procedures, and assisting in business development. Prior to joining Potomac River Partners, Eric worked as an Analyst at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. in Columbus, OH. Eric received a BS in Business Administration and a BA in International Studies from American University in Washington, DC.

Evan Allen is primarily responsible for tracking FDA approval status for new drugs and biologic products, performing analysis of the CMS data, and researching current topics in compliance as part of our monthly news summaries. Prior to joining Potomac River Partners, Evan worked as a Research Intern for Kaiser Family Health Foundation in Washington, D.C. and as Business Development & Market Research Associate at TRUE Media Inc. in Utica, New York.  Evan received his BA in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.