Training & Communication

Compliance is not a check-the-box exercise. It is about embedding a particular culture throughout the organization. To do this well, requires three key components: clear documentation, engaging training and supporting communication.


We are compliance experts who deliver training solutions. We are not a training company aiming to understand compliance.

Our clients benefit from our knowledge and experience in pharmaceutical and medical device compliance. By partnering with us, your learners will receive thoughtful, relevant content without tying up substantial involvement from your compliance team. We listen to your needs and move quickly to deliver an effective training solution that meets your objectives.

Is compliance training in your organization viewed as tedious and uninspiring? Do employees typically focus on completing the training as quickly as possible, without absorbing the content?

Our goal is to change this perception. We believe that training can be both effective and engaging. We focus on delivering key messages in meaningful and memorable ways. Our courses incorporate different learning techniques to keep it interesting and we use real world scenarios to engage the learner.

Our training solutions include:

  • Custom computer-based training
  • CIA General/Specific Training
  • RAPIDs™ – our proprietary hybrid approach
  • Train-the-trainer live training

Custom Internal Communications

Our training solutions incorporate up-to-date compliance information presented in diverse formats. All courses include sound instructional design techniques and apply principles of adult learning theory. Our portfolio of training solutions provides you with choices that could be stand-alone or easily integrated into your existing training materials.

Whether your goal is to build awareness, educate in detail or simply provide refresher training, our training solutions will help you effectively communicate key information and concepts that will resonate with your employees.


At Potomac River Partners, we realize that communication is an integral component of your compliance program and efforts. We combine expert content development with in-house graphic design capabilities to deliver integrated communications.

Our communication offerings include:

Holistic Change Management

  • Branding (e.g., Naming, Logo development, usage)
  • Creative toolkit (e.g. PPT templates, style guide)

Internal Communications

  • Leadership emails / newsletters
  • FAQs
  • Policy Refreshers
  • Reference cards / posters / etc.
  • Case Studies

Sample Visual Brand Expression

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