Compliance Videos

Our compliance training vignettes depict real-world scenarios around difficult dilemmas (gray areas) that your employees may likely encounter. The scenarios provide an engaging and valuable training opportunity by sparking discussion on how employees should handle certain situations that may be awkward or unclear or, by encouraging employees to think through situations, with a different perspective.

Spot-It Videos

Our “Spot-It” platform is an innovative thought-provoking vehicle to engage your learner and generate discussion on compliance topics. After watching a series of compliance violations, learners are asked to identify inappropriate behavior to demonstrate their comprehension of the “rules.” Afterwards, facilitators use the inappropriate conduct to generate dialogue on appropriate conduct that resonates and “stick” with the learner. Our Spot-Its are the best way to ensure your next sales representative live training presentation is a hit with the audience.

Compliance Video

We can offer customized video scenarios or you may choose from our video library of compliance topics, including:

  • Anti-bribery laws
  • Meals and gifts
  • Medical Affairs interactions
  • Sales calls
  • Speaker programs
  • Sunshine Act

Our Current Portfolio of Videos include:

Ideas for a new video? We’d love to hear your suggestions, please Contact Us.