JogIT is an innovative mobile training app that helps learners retain information through just-in-time bursts of content. JogIT pushes targeted knowledge checks at periodic intervals to reinforce training, improve retention, and ultimately address the “Forgetting Curve.”

JogIT seamlessly integrates with your company’s existing training. The app frictionlessly connects into your Learning Management System (LMS) or Active Directory and comes pre-loaded with questions developed by Potomac’s team of compliance training experts. JogIT’s back-end data provides meaningful information enabling training managers to track performance and improvement over time as well as identify potential focus areas.

Effective training should measure knowledge, not just completion.

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What JogIT Offers

Supplement Existing Training
JogIT‘s short knowledge checks integrate with employees’ day to day activities. Sessions typically last 1 to 2 minutes and help reinforce key concepts through flashcards or quick, just-in-time microlearning.
Allow Users to Place Out
JogIT is designed to make effective and efficient use of employees’ time. By testing knowledge upfront, JogIT enables companies the opportunity to allow vetted users to “place-out” of additional sessions.
Make Training Fun!

JogIT provides a fun way for Compliance to engage with the entire organization. By ‘gamifying’ training, Compliance can promote healthy competition through company-wide goal setting, individual performance-based incentives, or team-based competition. Compliance topics can also be supplemented with fun, non-compliance content.

Use Data to Evaluate Training

JogIT backend data analytics are a valuable tool to measure training effectiveness. The data can be used to demonstrate a well-designed, risk-based program by measuring comprehension from live and read & acknowledge trainings.

Identify Risks

JogIT’s algorithm enables training managers to identify concepts which are easily understood versus more challenging for end users which helpsto pinpoint gaps in training and focus-areas for monitoring activities.

Show Progress

JogIT’s data tracks training results over time. Using built in dashboards, training managers can create reports to build their case for an effective Compliance Program.


Jon Wilkenfeld


Jon has over 15 years of experience developing innovative solutions to improve compliance program effectiveness.

Carla-Marie Ulerie


Carla-Marie is passionate about developing effective training solutions and helping clients see positive results.

Graham Rich

Senior Manager

Graham enjoys using his technical expertise to assist clients with a smooth implementation.