1. What does Potomac River Partners do?

Potomac River Partners is a management consulting firm specializing in compliance in the life sciences sector (pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology).  We provide compliance advisory and support services to our clients across four main service lines:

  • Authoring compliance policies and SOP’s
  • Creating computer-based training modules and compliance communications
  • Auditing and monitoring (live and retrospective)
  • Assisting with aggregate spend and transparency reporting 

2. Will I be siloed into only working with one of these service lines?

Potomac strives to find staffing solutions based on client need, employee preference, and overall availability and resources.  Our vision for our Managers is to be responsible for all projects within a client account and therefore strive to find individuals that are capable of supporting projects in all four of our service lines.

For employees who prefer or have demonstrated expertise within a specific service line, we will try and align your preferences with our staffing needs. 

3. What are my day to day responsibilities?

There is no typical day in consulting when working with Potomac.  Responsibilities are prioritized based on deadlines, client need and available resources.  Day-to-day tasks will also vary based on your role on the given project and the relevant service line. 

4. What is the typical career path?

Career progression within Potomac currently covers the following levels of responsibility:  Analyst → Consultant → Senior Consultant → Manager → Director 

5. What does the recruiting process entail?

Resumes received are carefully screened against requirements for available positions.  If selected for additional screening, candidates are invited to participate in 1-2 telephone interviews with members of our team.  Following the phone interview(s), candidates that are progressing, will be invited to attend on-site interviews with (typically three) senior personnel.

During the live interviews, candidates may be asked to work through a case study seen for the first time that day, and, or prepare and deliver a presentation, the information for which would be sent prior to the scheduled interview date.  Candidates will also be asked a series of behavioral based questions.

Prior to making offers, Potomac will also typically reach out to the candidate’s references.

Candidates referred by recruitment firms may have additional interview rounds before speaking with anyone from Potomac and typically will complete an online assessment. 

6. Is there anything I can do to prepare for my interview?

Preparation is key! Find out as much information as possible regarding the industry, our company, the position, who you will be meeting, and the interviewers’ backgrounds and expectations. Most information can be found online. You may also contact the person who scheduled your interview to ask questions. Dress professionally for in-person interviews, and be on time. 

7. Why does Potomac include case studies as part of its assessment?

Case studies are used to test a candidate’s problem solving skills, analytical ability, attention to detail, and organization. While there are usually incorrect paths and answers (particularly when evaluating our more experienced candidates), responses are less about right and wrong and more about a candidate’s ability to reason logically and justify points clearly. Our case studies reflect issues confronted in our line of work, and help provide candidates with insight into the type of work they will be performing, while also giving us an idea of each candidate’s capacity for independent thought. 

8. How long is the time frame between submitting my resume and receiving an offer/decision?

Only candidates who have been selected for a first round phone screening will be contacted.  After this screening, the number of candidates being interviewed for a given position, and the dates of their calls, will drive Potomac’s response time.  It may take to two to three weeks before interviewees are notified regarding whether they have moved to the next round.  However, after the final round of interviews, decisions are typically communicated within one to two weeks. 

9. What is your turnover rate?

Potomac has experienced less than 12% turnover over the last 5 years.  Despite being a growing organization, our average tenure with the firm is four years.

Team members usually move upward through the ranks, developing their skills and expertise as compliance consultants.  All three of our current Managers have progressed from either the Analyst or Consultant role.  In the last five years, 50% of employees who have left the firm have gone on to work for our clients or former clients. 

10. How would you describe your compensation philosophy?

Potomac River Partners believes in a culture of acknowledging and rewarding excellent performance.  We consider ourselves a meritocracy where employees that do well are rewarded through growth opportunities and increased compensation.

Our culture is reflected in our compensation philosophy. We base raises on the merits of one’s performance, focusing on quality, effort, and results in accordance with the firm’s values. Our performance management process is very well structured and employees are evaluated at least once a year for both individual bonus compensation and performance-based raises.  While new employees are paid competitively, employees who have demonstrated the ability to contribute to our firm are valued and typically provided with above-market raises. We understand it is expensive to recruit and hire new talent and look first to ensure our existing employees feel they are being compensated fairly.  This is demonstrated through our history of above-market employee retention, especially for those employees who have demonstrated success at Potomac.