Transparency & Aggregate Spend

We provide strategic and tactical support for every aspect of a transparency program. As a pioneer in aggregate spend consulting, we have helped more than 30 companies launch or maintain systems since early 2006. And we’ve evolved and grown our expertise as the transparency movement has changed from reporting requirements in a handful of US states to becoming a truly global movement.

We bring expertise identifying practical solutions and communicating transparency requirements to all stakeholders. Whether you are launching a new transparency program, creating documentation for your existing program, or looking to minimize the resource burden of your transparency reporting obligations, we have a solution that can help.

We help build and improve all aspects of your transparency programs by providing strategic and tactical support at each stage.

What We Do

Launching Transparency Systems
We bring an independent, objective view to the deployment of transparency software. Whether you are launching a system for the first time, or transitioning to a new system, we can identify and implement solutions that match your business needs.
Transparency Managed Services

We offer full service transparency support for companies looking to minimize the resource burden of a transparency program. Our team can apply our own processes and tools or use your existing systems to assist with transparency reporting.

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Program Assessments
It is important to understand the current state of your transparency program. We help clients review processes, documentation, and data for potential enhancements and audit readiness. We can help by providing subject matter expertise on industry best practices and helping companies prepare for internal or external audits.

Having accurate documentation about business decisions and processes is essential to maintaining a robust transparency program. We help companies develop concise business rules or assumptions documents, system overview and functionality manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, and work instructions to provide clarity around your transparency program.

Change Management

The best transparency systems are only as good as the data being entered by your employees and third-party vendors. To assist with effectively communicating across your organization, Potomac provides a range of change management and training solutions including FAQs, quick reference cards, and brochures. Potomac also offers training courses on global, US, and state and local laws; specific source systems; and third-party requirements for vendors and CROs.

Data Integrity

Our experienced, detail-oriented team can quickly detect unusual patterns in your data and recommend potential process or system improvements. We can provide outlier checks and selected deep dive analysis, source system audits, reconciliations, receipt review, SOPs on data certification and review processes, and interactive data visualization and dashboards.


Michael Young

Senior Director

Since 2009, Michael has conducted program assessments, developed accurate documentation, and implemented a variety of change management and training solutions for dozens of companies.

Graham Rich

Senior Manager

Graham has experience with the development and deployment of transparency software and systems, transparency managed services, and data integrity analyses.