Operational Excellence

Our team brings the right mix of people, processes, and technical capabilities to provide the operational support when you need it most. Potomac leverages its deep expertise from working with Compliance departments to find solutions that are developed in a compliant manner while adding relevant business insights.

Whether project-based, at your office, or offsite through a Managed Services arrangement, the Potomac team can handle a variety of operations-based tasks from the routine to the strategic. Our solutions include selecting and managing third parties, operationalizing fair market value and HCP contracting, conducting data analysis, implementing technology solutions, and providing additional project management support.

Potomac River Partners helps clients improve performance, mitigate risk, and achieve greater efficiencies in their medical and commercial operations.

What We Do

FMV Methodology & HCP Payment Calculator

Potomac has developed a data-driven methodology for determining Fair Market Value (FMV) for US HCP Payments, including documenting quantifiable criteria for determining a physician’s tier. We have also developed a calculator that can be deployed regardless of the original source of your FMV methodology. The calculator provides tools to derive and document an HCP’s tier and calculates activity-based rates. This increases transparency into FMV assessments while dramatically reducing the time needed to tier, determine rates, or lookup historical information regarding a contracted HCP. As one of our managed services offering, our team of Associates can also take over the heavy lifting related to HCP resume review and HCP tiering on your behalf.

Our solutions include:

  • FMV Methodology & Process
  • Criteria Document and Contracting with HCPs quick reference card
  • Rate Criteria & Calculator
  • HCP Resume Review, Tiering & Payment Repository
Data Analysis & Dashboards

We have adapted our historical experience of building compliance monitoring dashboards to helping commercial teams see a snapshot of their operations or key performance indicators. We initially helped our compliance clients partner with the business to identify metrics that reduce risk and improve company performance. Now, Commercial teams contract with us directly to create insights regarding speaker programs and sales calls. Our solutions include:

  • Activity Tracking & Reporting
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Analysis & Tracking
  • Management Dashboard & Business Intelligence
Investigation Support

Conducting thorough investigations into alleged compliance violations can be a timely process. Investigations need to be handled swiftly but you never know when that hotline call may come in, making planning incredibly challenging for resource-constrained departments. There are also times, especially at smaller companies, when key compliance personnel may need to recuse themselves from an investigation due to personal conflicts of interest. Our team is ready to step in – we know what to look for. We can provide back-end investigations support, such as reviewing emails, expense reports, and other documentation, or drafting interview guides in advance of interviews. We can also assist end-to-end in the actual investigations process, including conducting interviews with potential witnesses or those accused of misconduct. Where necessary, we can be contracted through the legal department to preserve privilege.

  • Document discovery and review
  • Interview preparation and data analysis
  • Interview lead (investigator) or support (witness)
  • Case management databases to log investigation outcomes
Supplemental Resource Support

Companies launching a new product or implementing a merger often are faced with the need for flexible resourcing to support the variety of new tasks. Our managers apply have strong project management backgrounds and a knowledge of compliance requirements that can be helpful when trying to build out a new field force or new marketing tactics. And as consultants, we can ramp up or ramp down, as needed to reflect the needs of the business. Some of our solutions include:

  • IT System Deployments
  • Initial Launch or New Products
  • Merger Integration / Harmonization


Michael Young

Senior Director

Michael excels at “blank canvas” projects and has substantial experience in vendor management and supplemental resource support to ensure consistency improve company performance.

Adam Oakley


Adam has significant experience performing compliance program assessments, as well as assisting clients with CIA implementations and FMV methodology.

McCulloch Cline

Senior Manager

McCulloch has worked with companies to develop clear, straightforward FMV and HCP contracting methodology, criteria, and tools. He has also worked to develop and refine dashboards leveraging data to focus compliance operations and demonstrate program effectiveness.