Communication is an integral component of building and sustaining an effective compliance program. At Potomac, our communications team is led by experts in instructional design and creative media. We develop communication tools that compliment your organization’s compliance program and philosophy, thereby helping employees to effectively understand key compliance points and retain this knowledge over time. We combine expert content development with in-house graphic design capabilities to deliver communication tools that are clearly structured and visually appealing. Our team works collaboratively with your organization to develop creative, engaging communication messages that inspire a positive, compliance-conscious culture.

We develop customized communication tools and engaging messages – in all shapes and sizes – that help your compliance team effectively communicate important information to your employees.

What We Do

Policy Highlights
Our policy highlights supplement corporate policies and can be developed as corporate-wide tools or audience-specific communications. Our policy highlights emphasize the critical points and most important messages of your compliance documentation and convey this content in a clear, concise, and accessible manner. Our Potomac team has developed policy highlights for a wide variety of companies and consistently receive positive feedback regarding the value of policy highlights in building and maintaining effective compliance programs.
Video Scenarios

Our compliance training vignettes depict real-world scenarios around difficult dilemmas (the “gray areas” of healthcare compliance) that your employees may likely encounter. The scenarios provide an engaging and valuable training opportunity by sparking discussion on how employees should handle certain situations, which may be awkward or unclear, and encouraging employees to think through situations with a different perspective.

Reminder Communications

At Potomac, we help companies engage their employees in long-term compliance discussions by working collaboratively to craft friendly reminder communications, including infographics, FAQ documents, and quick reference cards.

We create interactive visuals that simplify complicated information and communicate subject matter to your target audience. The development of infographics is led by experts in instructional design and creative media, and can be used to improve compliance awareness and decrease risk for individual employees and the company as a whole. Similarly, we build FAQ documents and quick reference cards as communication tools that are easily accessible and visually appealing. All of our reminder communications are accessible on mobile devices.

Custom Branding and Communication Campaigns

At Potomac, we understand the real challenges of change management and the necessity of implementing lasting changes in your company’s culture. Our communications team has expertise in custom branding and communication campaigns, from naming and logo development to template and creative toolkit utilization. Our Consultants and Graphic Designer work together to produce customized posters, postcards, and other visual aids that compliment your compliance program and specific preferences.

Compliance News Summaries

Our monthly Compliance News Summaries help you cut through the information clutter and stay current on key compliance events. These summaries are provided in your corporate PowerPoint template or a similar Potomac-designed format that reflects your organization’s branding. Each month, you receive a recap of relevant settlements and fines, new healthcare legislation, and domestic and international compliance news, ready for immediate distribution to your Board, senior management, or Compliance Committees.

At the end of each calendar year, we compile the most riveting developments and the most impactful events into our annual Year in Review presentation, which is used to kickoff PCC’s Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress each year.


Adam Oakley


Adam concentrates on building policy highlights, reference cards, and reminder communications and brings expertise in using various communication tools to improve the efficacy of compliance programs.

Carla-Marie Ulerie


Carla-Marie has significant experience in implementation management and organization of broader compliance campaigns.

Meredith Swartz

Design Specialist

Meredith has years of professional graphic design experience, including the development of life-science company logos and branding and communication campaigns.