Compliance Consultants for the
Life Sciences Industry
  • Give your team the right tools to stay compliant.
  • Instill a culture of values and high standards.
  • Ensure your compliance plan is effective.
  • Validate your data to meet regulatory requirements.


A high level, multi-media recap of new regulations, settlements, issues and events. Designed for Board of Directors and busy senior executives.

Potomac Thinking

The OIG-HCCA Resource Guide Through a Small to Midsized Pharma Company Lens

Summary and recommendations on how to build and maintain a Gold Medal Compliance Program based on the OIG-HCCA guidance.

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Commercial Observations from a Compliance Monitor

First-hand experiences and lessons learned for implementing practical monitoring solutions and developing valuable business insights through observations.

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Speaker Programs: A Holistic Approach to Managing Risk

Addresses challenges at speaker program meetings and identifies policy and training solutions to mitigate risks.

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